According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), dryers caused an estimated 15,456 house fires in 2010. In fact, they are number one reason homes catch on fire. Of the 15,456 dryer fires, 32 percent or 4,946 dryer fires were caused by improperly cleaning or not cleaning the lint screen and dryer vent, and the risk in the same regardless of whether you use an electric or gas dryer.

Cleaning out your lint screen after each load is the first step to preventing dryer fires, but this step does not remove all the lint from inside your dryer. Some of the lint from your clothes moves through the screen and into your dryer vent where is slowly builds-up until it obstructs the airflow and increases your risk for a dryer fire if your unit overheats.

How dryer vent cleaning works

Here at AirDuct Clean, our dryer vent cleaning service removes all the lint from your dryer vent and lint screen as well as the area surrounding your dryer. The process starts when we remove your lint screen and dryer vent. We use a variety of methods for to dislodge the lint from the crevices of your dryer vent and the area where the lint screen is inserted, which include air whips, soft bristle high powered brushes, and HEPA vacuum extraction methods. For metal ductwork we may use hard bristled brushes to more effectively dislodge all the lint and debris. We then remove all the lint from inside the lint screen area and your dryer vent before inspecting it for cleanliness. The cleaning process is repeated until there is no more lint left in your vent, lint screen area and lint screen. Once all the lint is removed, we will reattach your dryer vent to your dryer and outside vent and insert your lint screen.

Why you need dryer vent cleaning

Dryer lint builds-up inside your vent after each load of clothes you dry. This is because when you put your clothes into your dryer, they still contain about half a gallon of water. As your clothes dry, that water mixes with the cloth fibers and loosens them, creating lint. While a lot of that lint is caught in your screen, some of it makes it way into your dryer vent where it collects in the crevices and along corners where it builds-up over a period of many months.

The slow build-up of lint eventually obstructs the flow of air from your dryer, which can lead to the outside of your dryer getting hotter than normal, low or non-existent air flow when you check the outside area of your vent, a burning or hot smell while your dryer operates and an increase in the humidity in your laundry room. Your clothes may also take longer to dry and be too hot to touch directly after your dryer finishes its drying cycle.

If it's been awhile since your last dryer vent cleaning or you notice any of these warning signs, you should schedule an appointment with us for a dryer vent cleaning service. Cleaning out your dryer vent will reduce the humidity and heat in your laundry room, lower your risk of experiencing a dryer fire, and reduce the amount of time it takes to dry your clothes, which will save you money on your utility bills.

      • Your clothes take considerably longer to dry
      • Your dryer gets very heated and causes harm to clothes
      • There is no audible sound coming from the exit to your dryer vent.
      • During colder months of the year, there is no visible steam coming from the exit of your dryer vent.
      Warning signs that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned
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